Office communication and successful interpersonal relationships are vital to corporate success.

These are 12 phrases that should never be uttered in the workplace – not to your customers and not to your colleagues :

Don’t Say Say instead
1 I don’t know I don’t know but I will find out for you.
2 I’m very busy I’ve this urgent report to get out and it’ll take me about an hour.  May I see you in about an hour?
3 It’s not my job I’m not familiar with this, but I know Amy is an expert.Let me go check with her and we’ll get it done.
4 It’s not my fault I’m sorry this happened.  (The buck stops here!)
5 Do you understand? “Was I clear?” or simply, “Any questions?”
6 Nobody told me I must have missed the (email, memo, etc) but let me get on with this straightaway.
7 I forgot I’m sorry I forgot but I will be more mindful the next time.
8 It can’t be done I can’t accede to your request but let me offer you an alternative.
9 Yes, but … Yes, I’ll see to it.
10 Can I help you? How may I help you?
11 Please call back May I take a message for you?
12 This is Company’s Policy This is not our usual practice, but let me check with the person-in- charge